In Memoriam: Diana LaDue-Hand

It is with great sadness that we share this news: Diana LaDue-Hand, our friend, mentor, and one of our subjects in Sound Heals has passed away to join her angels and guides in the spiritual realms beyond. Her larger than life personality, her self-less acts of giving, and her wisdom have changed the lives of people all over the world. That is her legacy, and we truly hope that, wherever she is now doing “The Great Work”, she is able to see how many people she blessed with her presence and knowing.

We dedicate our film to you, though we wish you were here to watch the premiere with us this year. We will love and miss you always Diana.

Mr. Feel Good and the Firm Believers

Joining our amazing roster of talented musicians, therapists, practitioners, and healers is Mr. Feel Good and the Firm Believers, a Bellingham WA based jam band that’s sole purpose is to “spread the good vibes”!  Here’s a clip from a show they played at the Firefly in BHAM.


Welcome to the launch of the new site for the documentary, “Sound Heals”.  The film has recently changed names from its original title, “Sound: The Vibration of Healing”.   After trying repeatedly to get people to remember the original title, it became clear that being concise is always the best policy.  So here we are!  The film is currently in the final stages of production with only 5 more shoot days remaining.   I would like to opportunity to thank the following for their involvement up until this point:


The Music Therapy Trust / Music Therapy Centre – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jennifer Durant, CMT, RMT

Dr. Salo Stanley – Fresno, CA

Jamie Ford – Los Angeles, CA

Jason Carasco – Pasadena, CA

Leo and Marilyn McMahon – Fresno, CA

Josh Stockero and Elliot Gran – Los Angeles, CA

Steve Marshall and Lisa Smith – Ojai, CA

Rosa “Luna” Rayes – Ojai, CA

Hugh Lehane – Los Angeles, CA


Without each of you, this project would not be where it is today.  There are some names which are not on here, but know you have not been forgotten.


Please visit our Facebook page and “Like” us, and don’t forget to please watch our trailer here: