New video posted: Jonathan DeLeon Himalayan Bowl Healing from “Sound Heals: The Movie”

Well everyone, it has been an incredible journey filming this documentary.  Though the timeline isn’t going according to plan (but what does these days), shooting should wrap at some point this year.

Just to keep everyone in the loop on how filming is going, I have embedded a short segment from the doc, featuring a sound bath by healer and musician, Jonathan DeLeon.  When doing post production on this segment, I learned a disturbing thing about the Nikon D5100 I had been using to film the documentary;  I had a number of dead pixels in my video image, which you can clearly see in this web upload.  This however caused a chain reaction which has lead to the purchase of a new camera for the documentary shoots, the Sony A7s.  This is an upgrade for sure!

Anyway, we will fix the pixel issue in post on the documentary, but until then, please enjoy this excerpt:  sit back and get your heal on!

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